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Welcome to Burgundy

“Never doubt the courage of the French. They were the ones who discovered that snails are edible.”  Doug Larson


alentours1 580               Beaune is a must-see due to its cultural, historical and gastronomic offerings. You can find lists of its many exceptional sites to visit on the internet and in guides.

          To truly experience Beaune, surrounded by its walls, you must stay for many days to roam and discover its hidden secrets. You must take the time to stroll through its cobbled streets, which are lined with historic houses and carved facades of Renaissance hotels perched on cellars to discover the harmonious and charming "life is good" attitude of the city.

          If you want a true experience, we highly advise you to to be accompanied by a guide for a few hours. Then you'll be able to enter locations that are not open to the public, ask questions, get an overview, and then go back to places you want to revisit at your own pace.
          We have to point out the essential places, notably paying a visit to the Hôtel Dieu with an audio guide, the Collégiale Notre Dame and the Wine Museum in the former Palace of the Dukes of Burgundy.

alentour2 580          To have fun while striding past the city's Ramparts, scan the QR code found on each of the information panels throughout your visit to give you direct information about the details of each place.

          From April to October, the VISIOTRAIN is a small train that will bring you on a guided 45-minute city tour.

          Throughout the summer,Beaune becomes the City of Lights. There are nightly stagings of bright and colorful animations on over 30 monuments that guide you along the ramparts to the inner places and paths of the Burgandian city.

          The Beaune Tourist Office team is one of the most dynamic in the region. It offers fun and original tours (heritage, leisure, tastings). You can get a visitors pass there. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  - 03 80 26 21 30



alentours3 580TASTE BEAUNE         

Beaune is universally known by wine lovers for its rich wine. Côte de Beaune is located in the Côte d’Or between Ladoix-Serrigny and the Maranges hillside. Its vineyards cover 5,230 hectares. It produces the most prestigious white wines in the world (Corton-Charlemagne, Montrachet, Meursault, etc.) and red wines that are softer than its neighbor, Côte de Nuits. Its soils, consisting mainly of limestone marl, give the wine finesse and aromatic complexity.

          Almost all the designations of the Côte de Beaune, 29 in all, produce all types of white and red wines, from Chardonnays to Pinot Noirs. Only the Volnay and Pommard AOCs produce only red wines.

          The city of Beaune is built on a real gruyere. There are kilometers of rocky tunnels connecting cellar to cellar, hidden under the paved stone of the wine capital of Burgundy. Much of Burgundy's history is engraved in these stones


alentours4 580           There are many opportunities for visits and tastings . In the city center as well as in the famous Houses of Beaune. A paradise for wine lovers. We recommend taking a tasting course before going on tastings. Over two hours, you will learn how vineyards are organized and the basic classifications while training your palate, nose and eyes.

          There is not a shortage of wine bars in Beaune! Go for one drink, and end up staying all evening. The owners are passionate people who are very familiar with the small producers of the products they serve. You can try "a glass," enjoy a little "taste," you'll religiously hear the history of the wine, the "climate" where the grapes come, the winemaker who raised them...this is the life in Beaune!

          When dining, whether on the terrace of a brewpub, seated at a Michelin-starred restaurant, or in a pleasant bistro, you will discover a variety of flavors that will surprise your taste buds. Taste local specialties such as gougères, beef bourguignon, eggs in red wine sauce and mustard, and don't forget to taste the famous Burgundy escargot!


alentour5 580          APRIL hosts the International Thriller Film Festival. Each program provides thriller enthusiasts and film lovers with an overview of the best thriller films from around the world.

          MAY hosts the 24 hours of Beaune, a race for teams of 8 bicycle riders who must have at least 3 wheels and 2 pedals.  This is a great, fun-filled experience for team members and tourists.

          JULY hosts the International Baroque and Romantic Opera Festival.  Throughout the month, concerts and operas are given in the Notre Dame Basilica and the Hospices (Court of Honor and Hall of the Poor). Fabulous for music lovers.

          AUGUST hosts the Retro Cinema Festival which gives you the opportunity to experience "cine-concerts" at the Saint-Etienne Chapel. While accompanied by gifted pianist Jean Claude Cottier, viewers rediscover the silent film era featuring legends such as Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd, Laurel Hardy, and of course the irreplaceable Charlie Chaplin.

          alentour6 580SEPTEMBER hosts the Beaune Jazz Festival, which combines jazz and the great Burgundy wines at the Beaune Municipal Theater (a short walk from Maison de l'Oiselier).

          NOVEMBER hosts The Wine Auction of the Hospices de Beaune : the 3rd weekend in November is indeed "3 Glorious Days" with three days of festivities, whose highlights are the famous wine auction of the Hospices, which attracts buyers from around the world and is still done in candlelight, the wine sale Half Marathon, The Festival of the Great Wines of Bourgogne at the convention center, and numerous events in the city streets (cellar openings, street performances, and popular celebrations)

          DECEMBER hosts the Beaune Blues Boogie Festival , which celebrates the blues and boogie-woogie piano played by the best musical specialists in various locations: theaters, gourmet breakfasts, concert tastings with grand wines, and cabaret.


alentours7 580

          From JANUARY to DECEMBER, with or without festivals, there's always something to celebrate in Beaune! The city is alive and warmly welcomes you no matter what time of year.

          Some months are busier with tourists than others, but the Beaunois, they will be always there, as they live and work in Beaune. They go to restaurants, have drinks at the corner pub, go shopping, or work in the vineyards and cellars.

          And every Saturday and Wednesday morning, they go to the market to chat with one another, buy groceries, share recipes ideas, etc. When you stay at MAISON DE L'OISELIER, go to experience the market and enjoy using the large kitchen to taste local specialties such as marbled ham , Chaource, Brillat-Savarin, Epoisses or Soumaintrain, or pâté en croûte with a side salad and, of course, an excellent bottle of wine!

          You can enjoy Beaune at any time of the year. MAISON DE L'OISELIER's thick walls will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized.


          alentours8 580   Of course, walks in the vineyards are a must. Explore by bicycle, carriage, moped, hot-air baloon, 4x4 - there are so many possibilities!

          For the adventurous, the many kilometers of bike paths allow you to tour the best vineyards safely at your own pace. The Beaune-Santenay bike route allows you to ride through the vineyards over more than 23 km of verdant paths to meet the winemakers in more personal way. There are many places to rent bikes in Beaune.

          Then there is the Burgundy Canal for beautiful landscapes and marinas, including Pouilly en Auxois and Saint John de Losnes.

And remember to download the free app from the official Côte d’Or tourism website: "Walk in Burgundy"




For enthusiasts, there are many golf courses : alentours10 580

  • Golf de Beaune Lervernois  (27 holes)
  • Golf de Quetigny Bourgogne  (18 holes)
  • Golf de Salives  (9 holes)
  • Golf Jacques Laffite Dijon Bourgogne  (18 holes)

There are also many must-see experiences within one hour of Beaune :

  • The Rochepot  Castle (17 km)
  • The Cîteaux Abbey of Notre Dame (30 km)
  • The gothic Châteauneuf en Auxois Castle (35 km)
  • The Palace of the Dukes of Burgundy in Dijon (44 km)
  • Saulieu and St. Andoche Basilica  (72km)
  • The village of Flavigny sur Ozerain (78 km)
  • The site ofAlesia at Alise Sainte Reine (80 km)
  • Bussy Rabutin Castle (86 km)
  • Fontenay Abbey (100 km)
  • Vezelay Abbey (118 km)



alentours11 580          As you can see, Beaune isn't just a place to visit, it's an entire vacation.

          At MAISON DE L'OISELIER, we recommend a week to discover Beaune and explore the surrounding area a bit.

          That's why we offer competitive weekly rates.

          Based on 8 people, renting the entire MAISON DE L'OISELIER for one week costs less than € 60 per night, per person. You'll find this is a great deal compared to hotels with similar luxury accommodations.

          Also, think of all the benefits of staying in a house where you'll feel a sense of home. You can do what you want, unwind whenever you want, prepare a quiet aperitif or light dinner after a busy day.